Wednesday, July 8, 2009

But Wait, There's More!!

“But Wait…There’s More!!!”

Lost in the past few weeks’ trifecta of celeb deaths; MJ, FF and Ed McM, was the loss Billy Mays, pitchman extraordinaire. No one on the planet hasn’t heard; “I’m Billy Mays for OxyClean! (Hercules Hooks, Big City Sliders, etc) and stopped and wondered why they were captivated by his energy, voice, and vigor.

I have to admit, I would have never bought OxyClean, or my Big City Slider Pan (which by the way makes excellent low fat turkey burgers) had it not been for Billy’s constant loud voice booming on cable channels begging me to try his product.

But what was he really selling? Did anything he pitch for a necessity of life? Food, Clothing, Shelter, Education? Nope, what Billy Mays sold us was HOPE.

Hope that somehow his tchotcke (my mother taught me you cannot misspell a transliteration) would make our lives a tiny bit easier. That one scoop, one pan, one saw, one set of knives would bring us light into our normally dark world. We knew when we opened the package that the dream would never fit the reality, but we bought again and again. Hope springs eternal especially for insomniacs addicted to reruns of “House”.

And we believed him. Industry spokesmen have said his sales were over a billion dollars in his lifetime and will continue as several infomercials will continue after his death.

Some might call this crass, but it was what Billy would have wanted….

But Wait…There’s More


Billy Mays

Have a peaceful week

Nate Klarfeld

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