Friday, June 26, 2009

What If A Miracle Happened?

What If A Miracle Happened?

If a miracle occurred overnight and you had all the changes in life you wanted, what is the first thing you would feel? What is the first thing you would notice?

How would your face and back and neck feel? Would you be in a different city? Wearing a suit? A Speedo? Pajamas? Who would be with you? Your significant other? Your business partner? Servants? Huge audience?

Tomorrow morning when you wake up, what will you see yourself doing, thinking, or believing about yourself that will tell you that a miracle has actually taken place?

We all have goals and aspirations. Some are broad and expansive like creating a successful business or having a loving family. Some are small and direct like losing weight or learning Spanish. Our goals are rooted in some sort of wish that things can be better, only if…But rarely do we imagine what it would “feel” like to have all the changes in life we want. If better finances are your goal, would you finally feel safe and relaxed when you hear that the stock market has had yet another bad day? If your goal was to be a compassionate parent would you feel that safety as your child went off on an evening with friends?

Did you answer “Happiness” as the first thing you would feel?

A car, a business, or a plump bank account does not equal happiness. Merely ‘having’ a spouse and children doesn’t ensure happiness either. Many of us believe that A Perfect Body = My Happiness, A Partner = My Happiness, or A Beautiful Home = My Happiness. No miracle can give you happiness. Happiness is a choice, your choice; it does not depend on having.

Living honestly – integrated so that your thoughts and beliefs mirror your daily actions bring us happiness. It is easy to be financially successful, a loving partner, and a compassionate parent when you see that happiness and integrity is a choice – yours.

The Miracle Already Happened – You Were Born Rich

Have a peaceful week

Nate Klarfeld

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