Thursday, March 24, 2011

A different night in Jerusalem 3-20-11 Purim


This was taken Sunday evening, during the Purim holiday in Jerusalem. Grover and I were in Central J'lem most of last week and early part of this week on a fabulous trip of a lifetime. When we heard the news yesterday that there was a bombing at the bus station in Central Jerusalem we were saddened but not surprised. The retaliation for the strife in Gaza fortold this horrible tragedy unfortunately. It was sureal to be hearing about killings centuries ago while dealing with a religious killing today. The pronouns "we and them" are thrown around here like dice...dangerous because we are all on the same planet with one goal of surviving and thriving. Hate kills.

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Be well

Nate Klarfeld
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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

"I am the girl that no one ever saw. I am the girl that lied to myself for decades. I am the girl that only a few have come to know and appreciate. I am the girl with good friends and family yet who is on a journey alone. I am the girl with love in my heart that sometimes is broken with pain. I am the girl who is loyal, compassionate and commited. I am the girl with so much to give and few to give it to.. I am the girl that is tired of the daily struggles of being true to herself. I am the girl that still remains unseen for all that she is.
I have many blessings in a sister I couldn't be closer with. I have a daughter who has become my best friend I am the proudest grandparent of a beautiful 5 year old girl.
So after all of this, I am ok."

Eva Kraus is a 52 year-old woman with a male past. She spent the first 47 years of her life as the father of three grown daughters, serving 12 years in the U.S. military and climbing the corporate ladder in the finance business to become a senior executive in the automotive lending business. Since her transition, Eva found a second career in the beauty industry as an aesthetician and manicurist. She is in the process of starting up her own cosmetics and day spa business. Eva lives in Gloucester, Massachusetts with her partner of 2 years. I found Eva on Facebook where her ‘Notes’ have been attracting attention with laughs and raised eyebrows. Entries such as “Somebody is one pissed off Trans Chick!” that deals with her online conversation with a gay male who doesn’t quite ‘get it’ yet. Tune in and you will hear more about that rant! Besides working on her job making the world even more beautiful, she an active member of SpeakOut Boston, a LGBT speaker’s bureau that goes to schools, businesses, churches to tell our personal stories and answer questions. This will be a frank discussion (Not Safe For Work NSFW) so grab a drink, kick off your shoes and tune in on Thursday, April 7th, 9PM EST when Eva Kraus comes to Stonewall Live!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Reichen Lehmkuhl, author of "Here's What We'll Say, Growing up, Coming Out, and the U.S. Air Force Academy" Thurs March 10, 9PM EST

"Here's What We'll Say" is a book, based on a true
story, exposing a culture of hatred, division,
humiliation, and death at our United States Service
Academies. Read about a group of young men
and women who found themselves forced into the
reality of living among a secret underground
society, by the age of 18. Find out why and how
cadets who are attending your United States
Service academies are coping with the continued
ban on the open and honest military service of gay

Why did Reichen have "Here's what we'll say"
inscribed on the inside of his air force academy
class ring? Why did numerous others do the

Each and every day, your tax dollars fund the
operations of the United States Air Force
Academy; training young men and women to join
the most elite fighting force in the world: your
United States Air Force. Those same tax dollars
are thrown away on a daily basis with the ruthless
hunting and expulsion of young people who have
trained and served honorably. Cadets who
actually make it through the Air Force Academy
succeed through a training program that they may
have once thought impossible to complete.

Read the gripping, revolutionary, and shocking
story of a group of cadets who faced struggles far
beyond that of following orders and making it,
safely, to graduation day.

Join me on Thursday, March 10, 2011 @9PM EST