Thursday, January 20, 2011

Spencer Lord, author of "The Brain Mechanic" comes to Stonewall Live! Thurs, Jan 27th 9PM EST

Join me next week when I interview Spencer Lord, Author of "The Brain Mechanic"

Spencer Lord is an amazing author, motivator, and role model for our time. He worked for Mother Teresa in Calcutta after attending the University of Chicago. In 2008 he founded The Hyperagency where he created the cognitive exercises presented in "The Brain Mechanic."

Now with "The Brain Mechanic," Spencer Lord delivers a concise, entertaining, and easy-to-use handbook that demystifies Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). First, the reader learns "Emotional Algebra," which lies at the heart of the Cognitive Model. The author then presents customizable mental exercises, which allow people of all ages and backgrounds to experience the life-changing benefits of CBT.

Here is what people have to say about "The Brain Mechanic"....

"A good brain mechanic is hard to find. Usually you wind up in a chop shop. And the replacement parts are inferior. Spencer Lord has changed all that. He offers a one-stop service and you're out and running smooth before lunch. This may sound glib, but you'll feel the same way when you realize how simple it is and how stupid you were not to have realized it before you drove into that wall."
—Bruce Vilanch: comedy writer for the Academy Awards, and multiple Emmy winner

A 'must-read.' I feel brighter and better having read it!"
—Carole Bayer Sager: singer, painter, Oscar & Emmy-winning songwriter

Concise, accessible, and indescribably powerful."
—David Geffen: cofounder of Dreamworks SKG

And personally, after reading this book I can now drive all the way to Miami on I-95 without one blowup!!! amazing stuff. You can read it in 2 hours and it WILL change your life.

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