Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Make Your Point - Quickly

Make Your Point – Quickly


The technology of the past 75 years has changed the way we communicate. Whether it was telephone radio, television, cable news, computers, cell phones or podcasts, life as we know it has changed. If you want to hold an audience, even an audience of one, you must think in terms of brevity, pacing and distinctive language.


I wrote earlier about making your own elevator speech. That exercise is a great one to focus your thinking on what you want people to know about you or your work or your organization in a short blurb. Where you go from there is as important as your first encounter. Your conversation should be memorable. We live in a headline society. As much as we avoid it, we do remember and repeat soundbites.



Clear communication is about saying what you mean and meaning what you say. When you write or speak, try to avoid adding extraneous information that may contradict what you said in the last sentence, or lead people down irrelevant side paths.

Here’s a 3-step routine you can follow to help you with clarity:

1.               Make your statement.

2.               Add two or three supporting facts.

3.               Provide examples to help illustrate your supporting facts.

Clarity is about painting a picture that readers can see in their heads and instantly understand.

And the last thing – Believe what you say. If you are selling something you yourself wouldn’t buy, then your success is doomed. Seventy percent of what people retain is from body language, intonation and other non-verbal cues.

Have a peaceful week!

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